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Basics Of Racing

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Be Smooth


Be as smooth as you can, and try not to yank the steering wheel too much. The less you steer the more grip you have for acceleration.

Sometimes you see racing drivers yanking the steering wheel a little, contrary to what I was just saying. To be able to do this you must’ve developed more racing skills. You can influence the balance to your advantage, but is only possible if you learn the weight distribution and how to actually drive with balance and smoothness first.

Racing Driver SensesSome drifters aren’t good at grip racing at all, but they will learn fast because they already mastered weight distribution in drifting.

Drifting is all about weight distribution. Once the car is oversteering any sudden movements to the steering has much more effect than it normally would. You'll have to be quick with the steering wheel to go side-to-side and "catch" the drifts.

Learning to drive right on the edge of your grip limit instead of over the edge is a different ballgame!


Always be in the right gear, don’t make unnecessary upshifts, and try to shift as smooth as possible! Rev match heel toe perfectly.


Learning to control the pedals with extreme precision takes a lot of practice. It will take a long time until you’ve mastered each of the pedals perfectly. Learning all the braking techniques is the hardest. Good braking is only for advanced racing drivers.

Clutch control is important as well. Learning to double clutch can help you develop a better feeling for the clutch and shift procedure. In racing it’s important to be smooth, but in drifting the clutch is a serious weapon to upset the car’s balance!

Lastly there’s the throttle: Your only tool to control the engine power. Develop a feel for your car’s engine and the throttle pedal to know how much time and pressure it needs to rev up. Not enough throttle and you’ll miss out on gaining valuable speed. Too much throttle and you’ll oversteer or understeer.

We are only covering the basics of racing and that doesn’t include having ultimate pedal control, but knowing how to put everything into harmony is definitely the key to fast driving.

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