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Arabian Drifting

Extreme Imports

Arabian drifting like lunatics with suicidal thoughts!

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See some crazy Arabians drifting... uhm, drifting?? As if drifting isn’t extreme enough, these guys are taking it to another level. I can't say to find it successful though, it’s more like a dangerous and suicidal game! This goes way beyond normal bravery; these guys are just plain nuts without any fear whatsoever!

What amazes me the most is that they use stock FWD cars! Normal drifting without modifications can already produce a considerable amount of damage to the car, but in Arabian drifting it seems that you literally wreck the car! To associate this kind of driving with drifting would be offensive to the drifting communities around the world.

It seems like their goal is just gaining some speed, plant the cars sideways and try to go in as extreme as possible. Once coming to a halt, just try to make it look spectacular by spinning around as many times as you can. Oh, and sorry for the crappy background music.

Everyone knows that cars and danger go hand-in-hand. - Are these guys stupid? Of course a driving game like this screams for accidents to happen. The video below shows you a compilation of when it does go wrong!

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