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AE86 Drifting

Extreme Imports

Extremely sideways action from this AE86 drifting!

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Pro D1 competitor Katsuhiro Ueo is showing off some immense drifting skills, once again proving how much of a drifter he is. Ueo is a great driver and has remarkable car control. He must have learned it from all those years of driving the hachiroku. He apparently loves them and knows them inside-out.

Owning his own used car dealership and tuning shop Ueo has been competing in the D1 series since the beginning of D1GP back in 2001 and even won the 2002 championship. In 2007 he finally switched over to the S15, but still needs more time adjusting to the new car. For the 2007 season he ended up being 20th, while he usually finished within the top 10.

For this video he's using this AE86 to show off swaying drifting moves that are not for the faint-hearted! This man is crazy!


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