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360 Drifting

Extreme Imports

An insane move in this AE86 360 drifting!

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To what extremes practise the Japanese the art of drifting? Well, some guys are practising the most awesome moves, like this guy here showing you how to spin your car before drifting into a turn.

He pulls off an aggressive move to make a 360 spin before he drifts his way into the corner. The move is shown from 2 camera angles, on from the side and one from the front. You have to admit that it looks impressive!

The longer version of this drifting video is also available on Youtube and shows the owner with his car. He gives a quick rundown of what he's got under the bonnet and explains the drifting procedure. Unfortunately my Japanese isn't very good, so I'll leave you with your imagination. Suppose you can follow his hand movements a bit.

The video above only shows you the real action! If you still want to, you can check out the longer version of the 360 drifting video on youtube.


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