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180SX Drifting

Extreme Imports

Check out this awesome 180SX drifting.

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This is the famous Kouki 180SX from Yoshinori Koguchi fooling around on Nikko Circuit. As seen here it makes around 350HP but has been changed a lot over time. He started with having fun on the Japanese mountains and throughout the years he competed in a lot of D1 events.

He has been competing since the very early beginning of D1GP. He has also been drifting with one crazy 600HP JZX100 but now drifts with the 180SX again. The RPS13 as seen here in black was later made green in the D1 events, and has now been turned into red.

Koguchi is a great drifter and has more than 15 years of drifting experience, still competing today. You can check out Koguchi's blog on JDM-Option if you want to see more from him.

It takes a lot of skill to control this car as good as he does it here, but as you can see even with all that skill this professional drifter still makes mistakes. He is of course human after all, which goes to show that no matter how good you are it's better to save the serious drifting attempts for on the track.

A small mistake when he places the rear a few centimeters out too far and his rear tire hits the dirt. Oversteer mode and out of control.


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